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Why We Charge What We Charge!

 We pay employment taxes, worker’s compensation insurance and car insurance. We also have liability and bonding insurance for our customers’ benefit. We compensate hourly for drive time, cleaning time, and give weekly company bonus to our hardworking “Bees”.

How We Charge

  • Recurring Cleaning (Residential or Commercial)

Regular basis customers pay a fixed price for recurring services, except for the first-time cleaning service (you will be charged a variable price which will be provided at the time of the estimate). The price plan for such a service will be provided at the time of the estimate. Once agreed, we’re never going to charge you more than what we’ve quoted, without agreeing to a different price in advance. Absolutely no hidden fees!

- Our Regular Basis schedule includes -


Popular solution for busy homes


Works best for help with the general upkeep


A good plan for a tidy home with low traffic

  • One time, Move In/Out and Special Event Cleaning

For these types of service, a variable price will be charged as shown below:  

$45 per man-hour

Minimum of 9-man hours (9 x $45 = $405) per service

Call, Text (303) 216-0500 or Fill Out the Contact Form.

Request an appointment at your earliest convenience!

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