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The pandemic has hit us hard, and therefore, it’s essential for us to make necessary changes and modifications in the way we work and the way we serve our customers.

​At DollyBee Maids, we always give first priority to the health and safety of our employees and clients, and therefore we have made necessary changes in the process in which we work. With the danger and risk of the Coronavirus, we have enforced additional safety protocols for our office, employees, and clients that must be followed to combat Covid-19.


We make sure to follow the below-mentioned procedures in order to maintain the safety of your home space or workspace:

  • Hand Wash: Hand Washing is a must and therefore, each and every cleaning expert are required to wash hands at the beginning and at the end of every visit.

  • Sanitize: In this pandemic, it is a must to use sanitizer, and therefore, we always sanitize with disinfectants while cleaning. 


  • Gloves and Mask: Our cleaning experts will always wear a fresh pair of gloves and a mask while cleaning your home.


  • Disinfect: Our cleaning experts will disinfect all our pieces of equipment, tools, and cleaning products between houses.


We make sure that our staff members follow the below-mentioned procedures in order to maintain safety during the pandemic:


  • Staff members who are exposed to any illness have been asked to stay home in quarantine and take the necessary time to get well. We want all illness-based absences to be under the proper care of a physician or doctor.


  • Along with social distancing and sanitization, our staff and office are practicing the best practices to fight Covid-19.


With these reliable well-framed policies and procedures, we are trying our best to fight the Coronavirus disease and to keep our clients and employees in a healthy state. And one important thing to be noted is that the customers can reach us by text, mail, or call if any person at their home is not feeling well. In such a case, we will reschedule your cleaning services to some other date. All this will be done to keep you and our employees risk-free and safe!

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